After stumbling through pages-and-pages of my culminated reviews, ramblings and interviews conducted around my first three years of learning how to Melbourne, you have found my about page. 
As you’d be led to believe my name is Anniemae Goldring I am a young entertainment writer and a full-time student with an unrelenting passion for learning and Music.  From being 16-years-old working doors at small local Mildura shows I gained an appreciation for the importance of support that surrounds the delicate entity which is a music scene.
I graduated with Distinction in 2017 from RMIT with a Bachelor of Communication (Media) with and am currently undertaking my Bachelor of Applied Business (Entertainment Management) at Collarts in Trimester 1 2018.
During my time at RMIT I have been involved with two major extensive Marketing campaigns for Student-driven projects – Additionally,  7 months interning at SpeakerTV staying on as a freelance contributor, and 6 months at Flagrant Artist Management.

I endeavour to continue to utilise my words, skills and experience in order to inform my practice with my passion.

Media Working Resume


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